Triple-acting scrap balers are the best solution to optimize the transport and re-melting process of materials like stampings, new sheet cuttings, loosed metals and others.

 IMABE 3RAM balers offer a complete product line for this applications, and with our standard high developed hydraulic system, the baling cycle has been accelerated to increase the production levels into awesome figures compared to what existed before in the market.  

Square and heavy bales means tremendous efficiency increase of the melting process.  Foundries are always opened to premium prices when the high density of the material is ensured in a stable and continuous form, and there is where IMABE 3RAM baling series exceed the competition.

When the baling cycles are completed so fast, the wearing of the processing chambers is highly aggressive with all steel components.  IMABE 3RAM design includes as standard, the toughest materials in the industry together with a high mechanization construction process, including replaceable liners in the walls and floor of the whole compaction channel.

Please give us a call in order to show you more unique features of our design, and ask for the amazing cycles we are able to offer when producing heavy and dense square bales is your goal!