Two Ram Balers

Baling multiple applications has been always the main purpose of 2 Ram Balers for NON-FERROUS processors. But times are changing… The old fashioned, typically slow 2 RAM balers customers can now find a high volume and efficient baling system through Imabe. Our Balers can process all type of non-ferrous metals, plastics, steel cans, insulated wire and extrusions, among many others.

With our highly developed hydraulic system, IMABE two ram baling series is the most efficient in processing a wide variety of heavy bales of all types of material. The industry is changing, prices of commodities have made for tight profit margins. We’ve analyzed the operational costs related with parts and energy and found that our innovative design features make the difference. Analyze the cost per year in parts and energy with your actual 2 Ram baler or ask your neighbor about his typical ancient machine.


Why Imabe:



All electrical panels are assembled with simplicity to be understood by our customers and Input/output systems for easy assembly.


Energy efficient variable flow piston pumps increase speed and reduce electrical consumption.


Including the automatic efficient Stamper feature assists in keeping bulky material flowing from the Hopper into the compaction chamber, reducing Hopper jams.


Both parts are covered liners, adding more strength and durability to the machine, the structure follows the design of all Imabe presses "the more robust, the better"