Our conveyor belts are based on a system of steel slats, mounted and pulled by chains with robust metal support rollers.

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Bucket-shaped vertical section profiles are mounted on the horizontal metal slats of the conveyor belt to facilitate materials pull and ascension to the upper part of conveyor for material feeding.

A system of articulated lateral flanges on the pulling slats form a labyrinth to keep the waste out the lower sidings of the conveyor.

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The conveyor chain incorporates a semi-automatic lubrication system by oil drop directly in to conveyor chain. Auto-lubrication system is available as optional feature

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The conveyors are self-supporting with support legs adapted to the structure of the conveyor forming a solid unit.

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The motor heads for the conveyor belts consist of an electric motor and speed reducer with straight gears. A centrifugal hydraulic coupling is mounted between the motor and the speed reducer, making the start-ups and stops of the conveyor belt smooth, with progressive belt acceleration and deceleration

The electric motor has a cooling system which uses a continuous electric fan mounted on the back part of the motor. This cooling system allows the absorption of temperatures produced by start-ups and stops in short intervals of time.

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