Production seen as shearing tons per hour is how all machines must be paid. when you have the fastest shear in the industry, your yard certainly is ahead to competition in handling more material in less time.

Imabe offers more cuts per minute than anyone in the industry, based in our advanced hydraulic system an average of 20% heavier equipment compared to competition make us a long term investment, together with continuous improvement design and high mechanization in the most aggressive wearing parts of this product line. Our design includes as standard, hardox replaceable liners in the whole shear box.

Imabe curve design as standard in our folding door product line, offers more production per hour in both logging or shearing operation, by means of a faster closing operation.

  • The curve lid is used as a wiper that gathers all scrap excess and compress it inside the closing area, preparing the material faster than other designs, before logging or shearing action.
  • Delivery valves in the variable flow hydraulic system made more rapid open and closing cycles because of the efficiency in the use of pressure (oil pump) and horse power, making a faster cycle and reducing energy consumption.